Get Real Relief from Neck Pain & Discomfort with RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager

"An easy solution for that chronic neck pain, stress, and anxiety that never seems to go away..."

relaxultima neck massager

The Original RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager

Every RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager has these amazing benefits:

  • Reduce Your Neck Pain, Stiffness & Soreness

  • 3 Massage Modes & 15 Intensity Levels.  

  • 107°F Heating Function feels Amazing

  • Safe to Use for Entire Family

  • Snug Fit Around Your Neck. Made for Maximum Comfort.

  • Quiet, Light, Portable & Comfortable as a Warm Towel.  

  • Rechargeable Battery. 1 hour of charging lasts 10 days.

FREE 2-5 Day Shipping & 1 Year Warranty on All Orders.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee.

“I had acute whiplash from a car accident. Physical therapy didn’t help. This device is amazing and feel so much better after using it!”

-Jessica D.


What People are Saying...

The RelaxUltimaTM Advantage

shoulder massager

Comfortable as a Warm Towel

Cutting Edge Design provides Maximum Comfort. A Combination of Heat and Gentle Electrostimulation creates a Soothing, Relaxing & Enjoyable Experience!

neck massager device

Deep Restorative Massage

107°F Heat plus TENS Technology (gentle electric impulses moving through skin) support muscle pain reduction, deep relaxation, and stress reduction.

portable neck massager

Light, Portable & Cordless

RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager weighs only 5.6oz. It's small and rechargeable battery, that lasts 1 month on a single charge, means you can take it anywhere.

electric neck massager

"Perfect Fit" Ergonomic Design

RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager breakthrough ergonomic design is 1 size fits all. Flexible U-shaped design plus soft silicon pads fits large and small neck sizes, while providing maximum comfort.

neck massage remote control

Easy to Use: 

3 Modes + 15 Intensity Levels

Choose between Tapping, Shiatsu, and Acupuncture Therapy. Press '+' or '-' button to increase or decrease intensity. Press button on upper left to turn 107°F Heat on or off. 

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The RelaxUltimaTM Commitment

We believe in our products so strongly that we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


What is the Shipping  / Estimated Delivery Time for My Order?

From the day we receive your order it takes around 3-7 days for your neck massagers to reach you (this includes 1-2 days order processing time and 2-5 days shipping time). Once your order is processed we'll email you a tracking number immediately. All orders are shipped from USA.

*Note: During the holiday season (November 15 - January 1st), please allow an extra 1-5 business days for delivery.

What will My RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager Order include?

Does the Neck Massager require Batteries? If Not, do I need to Charge before Using?

Your RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager does NOT require batteries.  Instead the neck massager comes pre-installed with a powerful rechargeable battery. 

We recommend you use USB charging cord to fully charge your Neck Massager before use. The red light will blink while unit is charging.  The red will be solid red once the unit is done charging (blinking will stop). 

Once fully charged the neck massager will work up to 30 days (for 1 15 minute session a day) before you need to re-charge the battery.

Do this Neck Massager Work for People who have sensitive skin? 

Yes they absolutely! We recommend customers with sensitive skin keep the device on a low intensity setting. Use a low setting that feels comfortable.

Is This Neck Massager Safe for People with Latex (and other) Allergies?

Yes, this neck massager are safe for people with nearly any allergies.  This neck massager is made from ABS plastic and silicone.  They contain absolutely NO latex or other common allergens.

Can I do Day to Day Activities While Wearing My RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager? What Activities should I Avoid?

You can wear RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager and still do most daily activites at home and workWe recommend that you AVOID the following activites while using the neck massager: driving, operating heavy machinery, using medical devices, intense exercise, playing sports. The neck massager is perfect compliment for the following activities: watching TV, resting / reclining on chair, working on computer, walking or standing, reading a book, etc.

Are there People with Specific Medical Conditions that should Not Use this Product?

People with the following medical conditions should NOT use this product:

  • pacemaker or any other implanted medical device

  • Artificial heart, lungs, or any other life-saving electric devices

  • metal implants

Do NOT use this product near the following:

  • electronic medical devices
  • gas, explosives and other highly flammable material

  • near or around the heart

How Long is 1 Session with RelaxUltimaTM Neck Massager? How Many Times per Day should I Use it?

Each session with this neck messager is 15 minutes long.  After 15 minutes the neck messager automaticaly turns off.

Because we do not recommend using the neck messager more than 15 minutes at a time as it is very powerful.

We recommend no more than two 15-minute sessions per day.

Product Specs

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About Us

compressultima team


Jenkintown, PA

For years I was frustrated with the constant neck pain and discomfort. I tried it all: supplements, ergonomic chairs and pillows, ice packs, etc, etc. Nothing seems to really make a difference.

I made it my mission to find a better, high tech way to alleviate neck pain. That’s how the RelaxUltima Neck Massager was born! With just 15 minutes a day of use, it not only got rid of my neck pain and tightness, it really helped me relax and reduced my stress! I felt freer and happier, like I had a new lease on life.

I started sharing my neck massage device with friends and family and pretty soon lots of people started asking where they could get one. So I made it my mission to help as many people as I could with their neck pain, soreness, and tightness without the use of addictive painkillers, expensive trips to the spa, or gimmicks that just don’t work.